Reference Material Items Posted

November 2016

11 Generations of the Hubbard Family of Hampshire County, WV.pdf
1752 Beverley Manor with Irish Tract.jpg
6,474 Slack Relatives, Descendants of John and Nancy Huddleston Slack.pdf
A 3 generational Report of Rev Joseph Miller of Beaver Creek Church, Rockingham.pdf
A Bolen Family History.pdf
A Chart of Ancestors and Descendants of Rev Robert Rose - Scotland to Virignia.pdf
A Collection of Letters written by the Scholl Family - 1836-1897.pdf
A Collection of papers read at the Bucks Co. Historical Society Vol 2.pdf
A Collection of papers read at the Bucks Co. Historical Society Vol 3.pdf
A Collection of papers read at the Bucks Co. Historical Society Vol 4.pdf
A Collection of papers read before the Bucks Co. Historical Society Vol 1.pdf
A Genealogical and Biographical History of the Swiger Family.pdf
A Genealogy of the Morris Family with Biographical Sketches.pdf
A History of Franklin County, Pa including towns and Early Settlers.pdf
A History of the Sears Family.pdf
A History of Welcome Garrett and His Descendants.pdf
A Missing Link in the Vail Family.pdf
A Reminiscent History of Northern West Virginia.pdf
Adam Guthrie of Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky.pdf
Adam Lambert of Lancaster and Dauphin County, Pa and Augusta County, Virginia.pdf
An Eads Genealogy.pdf
Ancestors of James E. Dotson and Ruth Ann Orr of WV, Ohio, Maryland....pdf
Ancestry and Descendants of Lt John Henderson of Greenbrier County, Virginia.pdf
Bartholomew London, The Murder of a Loyalist - Loyalist Gazette Vol 43.pdf
Bartram Family of West Virginia, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.pdf
Benjamin Matheny Family Bible.pdf
Benjamin Ray of Cabell County, West Virginia and his Descendants.pdf
Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Monongalia, Marion and Taylor Counties.pdf
Bittinger and Bedinger Families - Descendants of Adam Budinger.pdf
Bonnet-t-e's and Kin.pdf
Booth Family Scrapbook 1607-1952 of Marshall and Ohio County, West Virginia.pdf
Cameron Family History.pdf
Capt James Davies, Ancestor of many of the Boggesses of Harrison County.pdf
Capt Lewis, Matthias and Martin Rose, sons of Gotlieb Rose.pdf
Cash and Buffington, family of Reuben Cash and Elizabeth Buffington.pdf
Casper Bernhardt-Chasper Berin-Hardt c 1719-1790 and his descendants.pdf
Cemetery Readings in Fairmont and Grant Magisterial Districts, Marion Co, WV.pdf
Charles Boothe ca 1774-1821, pioneer settler in now Wayne County, WV and descendants.pdf
Cloud Family Journal - Vol 18 - Hampshire County, West Virginia Deaths.pdf
Cottrell, Weese, Westfall from Virginia and West Virginia.pdf
Cushman Genealogy and General History - Fayette Co, Pa and Monongalia, WV.pdf
Daniel Metheny and Margaret Buckelew Marriage Bond 1897.pdf
Death Records Monongalia County 1856-1863.pdf
Desc. of Charles Boothe and Elizabeth Ferguson of Wayne Co, WV.pdf
Descendants of Adam Sirk.pdf
Descendants of Christian and Elizabeth Oliver Bosbyshell.pdf
Descendants of Daniel and Rebecca Stewart of Stewartstown, WV.pdf
Descendants of Daniel Jarrell 1773-1966.pdf
Descendants of Edward Greenlee of West Virginia.pdf
Descendants of Evan Thomas and Lydia Ann Dyke - Evan Thomas born 1753 in Pa.pdf
Descendants of Francis Marion Chapman and Nancy Gregory of Webster County, WV.pdf
Descendants of George and Thomas Baxter of Westchester Co, NY and West Virginia.pdf
Descendants of Hancock, Cofer, Jones and Massie.pdf
Descendants of Henry Mauzy.pdf
Descendants of Ichabod Ashcraft 1737-1804, Colonist and Rev War Patriot.pdf
Descendants of James and William Lockridge, Pioneer Brothers of Early Augusta Co, Vol 1.pdf
Descendants of James Turpin and Nancy Ann Tatum of Ky, Tenn and WV.pdf
Descendants of Johann Jacob Barb-Barbe, born 1725 Germany, died 1819 Shenandoah.pdf
Descendants of John Harr and Elizabeth Merrifield.pdf
Descendants of John Ludwig Bayha - Baiha and his wife Christina Siegle.pdf
Descendants of John Newman, his sons John 1740, James 1745, Leroy 1748.pdf
Descendants of John William Crock and Susan Kerns Crock.pdf
Descendants of Katherine Reedy and William Taylor of Bedford County, Virginia.pdf
Descendants of Michael Arbogast 1734-1812.pdf
Descendants of Richard Merrifield and Phoebe Tucker.pdf
Descendants of Robert Giffen and Mary Bane Giffen of Wheeling, West Virginia.pdf
Descendants of Samuel Hunter of Augusta County, Virginia.pdf
Descendants of Samuel Ramsey and West Virginia.pdf
Descendants of Theophilus Blake-Bleak, pioneer of Bath and Greenbrier Co, Virginia.pdf
Descendants of Thomas Looker, The Quaker - Early Settler of Rockingham.pdf
Descendants of William Ballard of Monroe County, WV.pdf
Descendants of William Fletcher Locke Harvey.pdf
Descendants of William Henry and Elizabeth Ann Simmons Gregory.pdf
Descendants of William Hughes of West Virginia.pdf
Descendants of William Prichard.pdf
Descendants of Zepeniah Nichols.pdf
Dobbins Family.pdf
Dodd Marriages and Bonds - Dodd Diggings, Vol 3.pdf
Drummond Family Bible 1760-1927.pdf
Dunmore's War, Payroll and Public Service Claims - 1775
Dyer's Index to Land Grants in West Virginia Vol 1.pdf
Dyer's Index to Land Grants in West Virginia Vol 2.pdf
Early Marriages of Wood County, West Virginia.pdf
Early Records of Hampshire County, West Virginia.pdf
Echos of the Past - Tucker County 1860 Census.pdf
Elder Samuel Garber and Elizabeth Miller of Augusta County, Virginia.pdf
Family Histories of Roane County, West Virginia.pdf
Family of James and Mary Trotter of Augusta County, Virginia.pdf
Fathers of Fehnel, Fennel, Fennell Families.pdf
First Marriage Record of Augusta County, Virginia 1785-1813.pdf
First Virginia Nuckolls and Kindred, Book 2.pdf
Fletcher-Crowder and Tucker Families.pdf
Footprints of the Past - Families O'Grady, Courtney, Roirdon, Murphy, Foley....pdf
From River Clyde to Tymochtee to Col William Crawford.pdf
Fromhart Family History, Descendants of John Fromhart or Fromhertz.pdf
Funkhouser - 8 Generations from Isaac and Catherine Boyer of Shenandoah and Augusta Counties.pdf
Gene data on the Cottrell, Weese and Westfall Families 1794-1936.pdf
Genealogical Works of Robert M Willis Vol VI.pdf
Genealogy and Memoirs of Isaac Sterns and his Family.pdf
Genealogy of the Bailey Family of West Virginia.pdf
Genealogy of the Beckham Family of Virginia.pdf
Genealogy of the Bell Family of Hagerstown, Maryland.pdf
Genealogy of the Hunt Family with Pedigrees of 10,000 people.pdf
Genealogy of the Shouldis Family of Lewis County, WV.pdf
George and Rachel Drummond Family Bible.pdf
George McLean was born in 1792 in Maryland to Daniel McLean and his wife Anna Marstiller.pdf
German Pioneer Settlers Hamm, Ham or Hamme in North America.pdf
Gibbens-Butcher Genealogy.pdf
Halterman-Sirk Family Cemetery, Rockingham County, Virginia.pdf
Hamilton Family of Monongalia and Preston Counties.pdf
Hammond Genealogy.pdf
Harris Family Newsletter.pdf
Herrison County Districts - 1800's.jpg
Historical Notes on Fayette County, West Virginia.pdf
Historical Notes on Fayette County, West Virginia.pdf
Historical Sketch of Bedford County, Va - 1753-1907.pdf
History and Genealogy of the Gaines Family From Rockingham to Ohio.pdf
History and Genealogy of the Nathan Goff Family of Randolph County.pdf
History and Records of the Hershey Family.pdf
History of Barbour County, West Virginia.pdf
History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.pdf
History of Charleston and Kanawha County and Representative Citizens.pdf
History of Delaware 1608-1888.pdf
History of Marshall County, West Virginia.pdf
History of Mason County, West Virginia.pdf
History of Oak Hill, Fayette County, West Virginia, from its earliest times.pdf
History of Ritchie County with biographical sketches of its Pioneers.pdf
History of Roane County 1774-1927.pdf
History of Robb White and Sallie Annette Warren of Rockingham.pdf
History of the Battle of Point Pleasant.pdf
History of the Chambers Family of Logan and Boone Counties.pdf
History of the City of Logan, West Virginia 1823-1916.pdf
History of the Currey Family of West Virginia.pdf
History of the Early Settlements and Indian Wars of Virginia.pdf
History of the Townships of Byberry and Moreland in Philadelphia, Pa..pdf
Holt-Bennett Family History.pdf
Hoskins in Virginia along with Hundley, Ware, Rot, Garnett, Waring, Bird, Buckner, Dunbar.pdf
Indentures, Wills, Land Records of the Hutton Family.pdf
Index of Wood County, WV Cemetery Insciptions, Vol 2.pdf
Index of Wood County, WV Cenetery Insciptions, Vol 1.pdf
Index to Cemeteries in Calhoun County, West Virginia.pdf
Indian Wars of the West, including biographical sketches of Pioneers that participated.pdf
Jacob Alt of Frederick, Maryland - His Descendants and Related Families.pdf
Jacob Mann Jr, born 1745 a Early Pioneer of Monroe County, West Virginia.pdf
Jacon Mann, born 1745, Early Pioneer of Monroe County and his descendants.pdf
Jarrell-Fitzjarrell Family.pdf
John Drown of Marietta, Ohio and his descendants.pdf
John Fox of King William County, Va, Ancestors and Descendants.pdf
John Hanes, d.1815 and some of his descendents.pdf
John Sirk-John Paul Land Dispute, Flatwoods, Nicholas County, WV 1833.pdf
Joseph Hunter Genealogy and his Jager Connection 1650-2000.pdf
Legends of the Ohio Valley or Thrilling Incidents of Indian Warfare - Truth stranger than fiction.pdf
Life and Times of Anne Bailey, the Pioneer Heroine.pdf
Lower portion of the original map of West Augusta.JPG
Lucas Genealogy.pdf
Major Abraham Kirkpatrick and his Descendants.pdf
Map of Augusta 1738-1770.JPG
Map of Monongalia 1886.pdf
Map of the original West Augusta.JPG
Mathias Munch-Minnick of Rockingham County 1776-1860.pdf
McInturff - Golladay Family Bible.pdf
Michael Siegrist Family of West Virginia.pdf
Militia Court Martials in Augusta County, Va 1779-1783.pdf
Miller - McCoy Family Bible.pdf
Misc Cottle Family Records.pdf
Moccasin Tracks and Other Imprints.pdf
Morman Pioneers of Harrison County, West Virginia in the 1830's.pdf
Naturalization Papers for Francis Curren, Ohio County, WV 1858.pdf
Naturalization Papers for Greiger Wise, Ohio County, WV 1858.pdf
Naturalization Papers for Henry Ludwig Fricks, Ohio County, WV 1858.pdf
Naturalization Papers for James Ros, Ohio County, WV 1858.pdf
Naturalization Papers for John Medeck, Ohio County, WV 1858.jpg.pdf
Naturalization Papers for Patrick Dooley, Ohio County, WV 1858 1.jpg.pdf
New Descriptive Atlas of West Virginia 1933.pdf
Newspaper Articles on Familes from Hampshire County, WV.pdf
Nicholas Co. Cemeteries with research on Smith, Jones, Williams and Foster.pdf
Notes Concerning the Matheny-Metheny Family Vol 1.pdf
Ohio County, Virginia Court Order Book, Black's Cabin 1777-1780.pdf
Old Tenth Marriages from 1778-1816.pdf 
On the Waters of the Elk - The Mollohan Family of Central West Virginia.pdf
Pack Slaves of upper New River, WV and their Families.pdf
Pioneers and Early Incidents of Wood County.pdf
Pioneers of Mason County, West Virginia.pdf
Pioneers of Wood County, West Virginia Vol 1.pdf
Randolph-Pangburn, Their Ancestry and Descendants 1620-1909.pdf
Record of the Boggs Family and Descendants of Ezekiel Boggs.pdf
Records of the Moravian Church, York Co, Pa - Soul-Register in 1780.pdf
Revolutionary Patriot William Wilson of Maryland and West Virginia.pdf
Richard Woodrum-Rhoda Broderick Marriage Bond - April 1795.pdf
Roane County, West Virginia, Family Histories.pdf
Rockingham County, Virginia Tithables 1792 - Tenth Legion.pdf
Seedlings of William Foster.pdf
Settlement of Illinois 1830-1850.pdf
Settlers by the Long Grey Trail, some Pioneers of Old Augusta County, Virginia.pdf
Seven Generations of the Somerville Family.pdf
Sims Index to Land Grants in West Virginia - Supplement.pdf
Sims Index to Land Grants in West Virginia.pdf
Slagle Trails - Descendants of Jacob Slagle 1740's to 1800 in Virginia.pdf
Some Land and Probate Records of the Harper Family of West Virginia.pdf
Somerville Family and Descendants of Mason County, West Virginia.pdf
Talbot, Hall, Reger, Martin Families of Barbour County, WV.pdf
Tales of the Tuckers - Descendants of George Tucker of Bermuda and Virginia.pdf
Telephone Directory 1917 - Huntington, Kenova, Logan, Mason City.pdf
Templeton Cemetery, Kanawha County, West Virginia.pdf
Tenny Family of Upshur County, West Virginia.pdf
The 14 Children of John and Catherine Bowers Amick of Pendleton County.pdf
The Alderton Family of Hampshire County.pdf
The Andrew Smith and James Smith Familes of Harrison County, WV.pdf
The Armann, Buchner, Herman Families of Wetzel County, WV.pdf
The Barnes Family in West Virginia.pdf
The Barnes Family of West Virginia.pdf
The Barrackman-Barrickman Families of West Virginia.pdf
The Battle of Point Pleasant with Bios of the Men.pdf
The Bean Family of Hardy County, West Virginia.pdf
The Bell Family by Henry Oscar Bell.pdf
The Berkheimer Family of Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.pdf
The Beverley Patent 1736 including original Grantees.pdf
The Bird Genealogy.pdf
The Blair Family of Flagg's Manor, Chester County, Pa.pdf
The Calwells of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.pdf
The Campbell, Pilcher and Kindred Families.pdf
The Casdorphs, from Hamburg to Kanawha Valley - 1625-1995.pdf
The Clark-McDonald Family of Virginia and West Virginia.pdf
The Clay Family Quarterly - Vol 2, No 3.pdf
The Clements Family Records, with notes on Allied Families.pdf
The Clines and Allied Families - From the Tug River region of Kentucky and West Virginia.pdf
The Crabtree Family of Wayne County, West Virginia.pdf
The Crabtree Family of Wayne County, West Virginia.pdf
The David Eddy Family of Ritchie County, West Virginia.pdf
The Descendants of Jacob Efaw and Mary Suthard.pdf
The Descendants of Jacob Morgan.pdf
The Descendants of John and Susanna Bibbee of West Virginia and Ohio.pdf
The Descendants of Joseph Triplett of Hardy County, WV.pdf
The Descendants of Peter and Mary Baker of Springhill, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.pdf
The Descendants of Peter Hammond of Virginia.pdf
The Dunaways of Virginia.pdf
The Family and Ancestors of Nils Gjermundson Skaar.pdf
The Family History of the Tegarden Family.pdf
The Family of Drury Tucker of Amherst County, Virginia.pdf
The Family of Henry Tucker Cline.pdf
The Family of Leonard B Cooper of Rockingham County.pdf
The first 3 generations of the Jacob Grass Family of Augusta, Va.pdf
The First Presbyterian Church of Staunton, Virginia.pdf
The First Thanksgiving Likely Occurred Here.pdf
The first three generations of the Jacob Grass Family of Augusta County, Va and West Virginia.pdf
The First William Palmer of Augusta County and his Descendants.pdf
The Fox Family.pdf
The Frederick Family of Monongalia County and N. Manchester, Indiana.pdf
The Frederick Family, from Germany to Lancaster then Shenandoah and West Virginia.pdf
The Girty Brothers - Thomas, Simon, James, George and half brother John Turner.pdf
The Hamrick Generations.pdf
The Harbert-Herbert Family of Harrison County, WV.pdf
The Harrison Family and Allied Lines of Rockingham County, Virginia.pdf
The Henry Darrah Family Name Index.pdf
The Henry Darrah Family of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.pdf
The History of Fayette County, Pa, Pioneers and Prominant Men.pdf
The Hughes Family and Connections, esp. the Gass, Ward and Boze Families.pdf
The James and Eliza Ritchey Family 1700-1976.pdf
The Jarrell Family of West Virginia - Part 2.pdf
The Jarrell Family of West Virginia.pdf
The Lester Genealogy of Virginia and West Virginia.pdf
The Love Family of Wayne and Cabell Counties, West Virginia.pdf
The Mellett, Hickman and Allied Families of Virginia and Indiana Vol 1.pdf
The Mellett, Hickman and Allied Families of Virginia and Indiana Vol 2.pdf
The Parish Register of Probst's Church, Pendleton County, Vol 1 - 1813-1855.pdf
The Pennsylvania Archives, Militia 1775-1783 Pensions Index.pdf
The Pennsylvania Archives, Militia 1775-1783 Pensions.pdf
The Porter Family of Maryland, West Virginia and Michigan.pdf
The Pynes of Monroe County, WV, descendants of Robert Pyne of Dublin.pdf
The Robinsons and their Kinfolk.pdf
The Rood-Rude Record - Vol 3, no. 1 and 2 - 1956.pdf
The Scotts of SW Virginia and 10 Other Early Lines - Vol 1.pdf
The Shouldis Family of Roane County.pdf
The Singleton, Carr and Conrad Families of Central West Virginia.pdf
The Springston Family.pdf
The Story of Washington Bottom, Wood County, West Virginia.pdf
The Sturm Family of Barbour County - Vol 1.pdf
The Sturm Family of Barbour County - Vol 2.pdf
The Swisher-Romine Ancestry and Descendants.pdf
The Tenney Family of Upshur County, West Virginia.pdf
The Virginia Ancestry of Alice Upshaw Blake, wife of John Daniel Baker.pdf
The Wade Family of Monongalia County.pdf
The Ward Family of West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.pdf
The Wheatley or Wheatleigh Family of England and America.pdf
The Whitaker Family on the Monongahela River 1767-1800.pdf 
The Will of Andrew May.pdf
Towns in the Monongalia and Youghiogheny Valleys with Brief Histories.pdf
Upper portion of the original map of West Augusta.JPG
Virginia Marriages 1760-1824.pdf
Virginia WV Counties 1791.JPG 
Virginia-Kentucky Floyd Families.pdf
West Virginia Families.pdf
William Duffield of Venango County, Pa and his Descendants.pdf
Wright's on the Move - 6 Generations of James Wright - Delaware to Va., Pa. and Points West.pdf