Reference Material Items Posted

February 2017

1773-1834 Church Records for Lischy's Reformed Church aka St Peters' in York Co, Pa.pdf
A Complete Index of Stith's History of Virginia.pdf
A Genealogy of the Descendants of Nicholas Trout of Rockingham County, Virginia.pdf
A History of Orange County from its formation in 1734.pdf
A History of the Bly Family of Virginia.pdf
A Record of the Agee Family.pdf
Abstract of Land Grants 1761-1791 for Rockingham and Augusta Counties, Virginia.pdf
American Lineages of the Veach and Stover Families.pdf
Ancestors and Descendants of Henry and John Burton - Rev War Soldiers.pdf
Ancestry of John Crawford, Immigrant and Frontiersman 1740-1770.pdf
Baptismal and Marriage Records of John Casper Stoever 1730 to 1779 - Pa and Va.pdf
Baptismal and Marriage Records, Rev. John Waldschmidt, 1752-1786 - Lancaster County, Pa.pdf
Biography and Genealogy of the Anthony Souder and Margarite Maurer Family.pdf
Casper Branner of Virginia and his Descendants.pdf
Commonwealth's Land Grants or Patents, Botetourt County, Va., 1770-1802.pdf
Daniels-Daniells Family Notes, Early Cabell County, Virginia pages 33-34.pdf
Descendants and History of Thomas and Phebe Lancaster of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.pdf
Descendants of Adam and Christinia Varner of the Shenandoah Valley.pdf
Descendants of Frederick Parrett and Barbara Edwards.pdf
Descendants of French Huguenot Johann Jacob Dispoinit.pdf
Descendants of Isaac Wade and Margaret Lewis of Kanwaha County.pdf
Descendants of John Thomas Layne and Mary Polly Crafton of Kanawha County, WV.pdf
Descendants of John Thompson and Eleanor Hutchinson of Cabell County, Va.pdf
Descendants of Thomas Lamkin.pdf
Descendants of Walter Harrold-Harle-Harl.pdf
Doughty Family - Virginia to Ohio and Beyond.pdf
Family of Adam Barger and Lucinda Nolan.pdf
Family Tree of some of the Descendants of Captain John Neill.pdf
Garland Edward Hinkle Family History Vol 1.pdf
Garland Edward Hinkle Family History Vol 2.pdf
Genealogies of some Scotch Irish and German Families in Pennsylvania.pdf
Genealogies of the Clark, Parks, Brockman, Dean, Davis and Goss families in 5 parts.pdf
Genealogy - A Journal of American Ancestry - Vol 4, No. 06.pdf
Genealogy of the Baily Family from Bromham, England to Chester County, Pa 1682.pdf
Genealogy of the Descendants of John Gar-Gaar, Bavaria to America 1732.pdf
Genealogy of the Fulton Family from Scotland to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.pdf
Genealogy of the Hannum Family descending from John and Margery Hannum.pdf
Genealogy of the Stukey, Ream, Grove, Clem and Denniston Families.pdf
Grandpap's Family - The Descendants of James Banks of the Northern Neck.pdf
Henry Printz of Winchester, Virginia, and his Descendants.pdf
Historical Atlas of Augusta County, Virginia from Original Surveys of Jed Hotchkiss.pdf
History and Progress of Marion County, WV.pdf
History of Lancaster, Pennsylvania with Bio's of Early Pioneers.pdf
History of the Heatwole Family.pdf
History of the James River and Kanawha Company.pdf
Hotten's List of Original Persons.pdf
Huffmaster-Hoffmeister Family Records.pdf
Index of Saffell's List of Virginia Soldiers in the Revolution.pdf
It All Started Here - The McDowell Family.pdf
James Nourse and his Descendants.pdf
John Neill of Lewes, Delaware 1739 and his Descendants - Duffiled's.pdf
Known American Ancestry of Alan, John and Ruel Bowman of the Shenandoah Valley.pdf
Mathias Hook of Beaver County, Pennsylvania.pdf
Monongahela River Navigation inclunding Cemetery Information.pdf
Morris Family History - Descendants of Alfred and Nancy Morris.pdf
Nicholas Strayer of York County, Pa and Berkeley County, Virginia.pdf
Northern Neck of Virginia Historical Magazine - v. 10, no. 1.pdf
Oaths of Allegiance, Chester County, Pennsylvania 1777-1785.pdf
Old Homes and History around Fredericksburg.pdf
Pennsylvania Quakers Exiled in Virginia during the Revolutionary War.pdf
Pennywitt Family Bible 1.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 10.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 11.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 12.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 13.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 14.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 15.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 2.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 3.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 4.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 5.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 6.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 7.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 8.tiff
Pennywitt Family Bible 9.tiff
Pioneer McClure Families of the Monongahela Valley.pdf
Presley Tidwell and the Anti-Carter Faction in the Northern Neck.pdf
Records of the Steinberger - Stoneberger Family.pdf
Research Summaries of the Reiff, Rieff, Rife, Welschans Families from Switzerland.pdf
Riddick Family Bible 1711 to 1811.pdf
Riddick Family Bible 1711 to 1934.pdf.lnk
Samuel Bowen and his Descendants.pdf
Seltenreich Reformed Church, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania Church Records 1746-1800.pdf
Some Alexander Family Records.pdf
Some Descendants of James Taylor of Orange County, Virginia.pdf
Some Early Kentucky Marriages.pdf
Some Families from Bedford and Washington Counties, Va and Orange County, NC.pdf
Some Pennsylvamia Pensioners of the Revolution.pdf
Stith's History of Virginia.pdf
The Arnold Family Association of the South Quarterly.pdf
The Barrow Family of Virginia.pdf
The Beverley Patent of 1736 including Original Grantees 1738-1815 in Orange and Augusta Co..pdf
The Book of Generations of William McFarland and Nancy Kilgore 1740-1912.pdf
The Briggs-Bridge Family.pdf
The Campbell Family of Virginia - Descendants of John and Grissel Hay Campbell.pdf
The Churches of Winchester, Virginia - Prior to 1825.pdf
The Combs Family.pdf
The Crawfords from Deer Creek, Maryland to the Monongahela River.pdf
The Descendants of Johan Adam Diehm-Deam the German Immigrant of 1754.pdf
The Descendants of Johann Michel Heisman and Mary Magdaline Ziegler.pdf
The Descendants of Joran Kyn of New Sweden, Virginia and Allied Families.pdf
The Descendants of Ludwig, Mathias, Elizabeth and Phillip Zehrung-Zudwing.pdf
The Donegal Presbyterian Church of Lancaster County, Pa Founded prior to 1721.pdf
The Dyer Settlement, Fort Seybert Massacre.pdf
The Early Ewing Families of Augusta County, Virginia.pdf
The Family of Isaac McKay.pdf
The George Maricle Family from New Jersey to Greenbrier County, Virginia.pdf
The History of Old Philadelphia Land Titles and much more.pdf
The History of the Hisaw, Hysaw, Highsaw, Hyso Family in America from 1773.pdf
The Housden Descendants, From Benjamin the Felon and his son James.pdf
The O'Conner, Gwinn and Fox Families of New River Gorge Area of West Virginia.pdf
The Page Family in Virginia Census - 1790 to 1850.pdf
The Page Family in Virginia Personal Property Taxes 1782 to 1850 - Vol 1.pdf
The Page Family in Virginia Personal Property Taxes 1782 to 1850 Vol 2.pdf
The Payne Family of Northern Virginia.pdf
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol 1 Index.pdf
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol 1.pdf
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol 10.pdf
The Philip Zink Family in America.pdf
The Revolution on the Upper Ohio 1775-1777.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 1 - No 1.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 1 - No 2.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 1 - No 3.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 1 - No 4.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 2 - No 1.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 2 - No 2.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 2 - No 3.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 2 - No 4.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 3 - No 1.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 3 - No 2.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 3 - No 3.pdf
The Rockingham Recorder, Vol 3 - No 4.pdf
The Streets of Winchester, Virginia - The Origin and Significance of their Names.pdf
The Survival of German Dialects and Customs in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.pdf
The Tacketts in Kanawha County, Virginia.pdf
The Thomas Prows-Prowse Family in West Virginia.pdf
The Wood-Woods Family Magazine - vol 2, no 2.pdf
William Campbell, William L. Campbell, Thomas Boyle Campbell, Winchester, Virginia.pdf
Winchester, Virginia, and its Beginnings, 1743-1814.pdf