Reference Material Items Posted

December 29, 2018

329 years of History and Genealogy - Herewood - Harwood Papers and Records.pdf
A Cloud of Witnesses for the royal prerogatives of Jesus Christ - Being the last speeches and testimonies of those who have suffered for the truth in Scotland since the year 1680.pdf
A Haynie Genealogy their 1650 Virginia Roots 1839 Texas trunk nine limbs many branches twigs and some leaves - 1650-1963.pdf
Descendants of Moses Hall John Doudna and Benjamin Hall - Quaker families of Belmont County Ohio from Virginia & North Carolina.pdf
Descendants of Robert Wilson of Augusta County Virginia.pdf
Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York.pdf
Hawkins of Virginia the Carolinas and Kentucky - court records queries brief lineages genealogical notes.pdf
Hobbs Family History.pdf
Ireland Civil Registration District Border Map and County Border Map.pdf
Oklahoma Indian Territory Marriages Choctaw Nation 2nd Division.pdf
Quakeriana Notes.pdf
Rev. Jacob Duché the first Chaplain of the Continental Congress.pdf
The Ancestors and Descendants of Colonel David Funsten and his wife Susan Everard Meade.pdf
The Hammers and Allied families of Pendleton County West Virginia; the Byrds Caplingers Cunninghams Harpers Hinkles Kiles Meadows Ruddles.pdf
The Herndon Family of Virginia Volume 1.pdf
The Herndon Family of Virginia Volume 2.pdf
The Herndon Family of Virginia Volume 3.pdf
The Herndon Family of Virginia Volume 4.pdf